What we do for you

Work hard, play hard! Neophy plans activities based on our local knowledge of Barcelona aimed at short stay and business travelers. It is sometimes hard to feel connected in a city when you are on a short project. In our happenings we strive for a balance between leisure and local experiences. We host anything from sports to drinks, dance, food and we’re open to suggestions. Do you miss something from your hometown? Let us know!

How we do it

We arrange various happenings on this website. To join up, simply to go to our listing and choose a happening that works for you. We understand that work hours aren’t flexible, but we are. You can join and leave at anytime. Want to have a full night of entertainment? Or do you just want to grab a quick pint before you go to bed? We’re offering you the platform to meet like-minded people in similar place:  away from home, friends and family.

Why we do it


  • Anita

    After graduation from university I traveled for work across the world, but despite my many languages and bubbly personality I often had a hard time connecting in such a short time with people. During one of my stays in Melbourne I realized I wanted to use Neophy to help people connect and enjoy their stays aways from home.

  • Erik

    During many of my work travels I realized that while the traveling-for-business lifestyle seemed glamorous, I often found myself quite lonely in hotels. Having long hours and a strange schedule made it hard to socialize. The rare occasions that I did meet people, even for just a simple dinner, my travels became much more than just more work.