Moving to barcelona

Because moving to Barcelona can be a challenge and cause a lot of stress, Neophy offers a full moving service and integration guide. We believe that moving to a new city should be an adventure, not a tedious affair. We offer our clients everything required to arrive, settle and connect in Barcelona. Barcelona is not like other ‘touristic’ cities in the world. Unlike New York or Berlin, Barcelona is at its maximum capacity between the sea and the mountains and both locals as well as newcomers are well aware of this fact. Neophy has the firsthand experience of the heartache that comes with finding the perfect apartment and connecting with locals. We are offering a full assistance service that covers every aspect; from you packing your boxes till the sense of ‘home’ in Barcelona. We also want to answer any questions about restaurants, hobbies or ‘happenings’ in the city.

Barcelona Life

Our Barcelona Life blog details the life and happenings of Barcelona. Everyday there are things to do and it can be quite hard to find what you are looking for. Parties, exhibitions and performances are plentiful in Barcelona but it’s very hard to know before hand what you’ll be getting into. Your experience might not be what you’re looking for, and you’ll think ‘get me out of here’. Let our experiences guide you through this beautiful city!The blog is is written by ourselves, our friends in Barcelona and some of our former clients and we are always open for tips and your personal opinion. Are you interested in writing for Barcelona Life and share your experience? Contact us!


Neophy offers you a full integration package in Barcelona like never done before. We all have this one friend we call for just about anything; in Barcelona, Neophy is this friend. We cover everything from pre-arrival preparation, housing visits, arranging your NIE number to finding a correct school for your children, a new restaurant, an art walk through the city, etc. Once you’ve settled, we’ll bring you into contact with both locals and other expats; whichever is your preference. By using our services you can be assured to have a smooth landing in Barcelona! For a complete overview of our services, please click here.

For any questions, please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!